Emergency Dental Care Services

At Premiere Health Group, we uphold our commitment to serving patients and their needs in the timeliest manner. When it comes to dental emergencies, nothing less than prompt, responsive service will suffice. Our team is on-call to handle your dental emergencies or refer you to the necessary specialist for immediate assistance.

Here are some of the most common dental emergencies requiring immediate treatment:

A Broken Tooth Due to Large or Repeated Fillings:
Sometimes a tooth will break as the result of large or repeated fillings. The reason for this is that replacing large and successive fillings requires removing portions of a tooth to such a degree that the tooth may break, or a filling may fall out.

Acute Pulpitis Resulting in a Severe Toothache:
There is nothing cute about acute pulpitis. It is an inflammation of the pulp within a tooth, a condition brought on by tooth decay or trauma. Immediate dental care is necessary to alleviate pain due to pulpitis. Symptoms may include, sharp pain, sensitivity to sweet foods or drinks.

Tooth Abscess:
A tooth abscess is a pocket of pus that's caused by a bacterial infection. In this case, infection of a tooth can cause intense but intermittent pain. Often, the tooth has a history of on-again/off-again pain. In addition to pain, symptoms include swelling of the gum line, sensitivity to hot and cold, swelling of the patient’s face, and in some cases, a loose tooth. Medication may temporarily reduce the pain; however, dental treatment will be necessary.

Gum Abscess:
This is a pocket of pus and bacteria that’s caused by an infection in the gums. With this type of abscess, food caught between the tooth and the gum can cause the gums to become infected. As a result, symptoms include swollen gums and bleeding.