On-site Lab Services

We at Premiere Health Group offer an array of routine and specialized onsite testing and screening services along with clinical consultation. These testing services extend prompt support to practitioners in the prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and tracking of disease. Additionally, laboratory services support learning and training opportunities, as well as ongoing education for a wide range of medical professionals.

Here are a few of the laboratory testing and screening services that are offered on site:
- TB Testing
- Bladder Infection Testing (and Bladder Infection Symptom Treatment)
- Tuberculosis (TB) Testing
- Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) Testing and Treatment
- Strep Throat Testing
- Herpes Testing
- Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD Testing)
- DOT Drug Testing/Screening

On-site Laboratory services at Premiere Heath Group offers these five major benefits for patients and practices.
- Prompt Diagnosis -The ability to perform lab tests onsite and quickly access the results during a single office visit lets the clinicians diagnose or supervise a patient’s condition immediately.
- Improved Patient Engagement - Patients who aquire their test results during a clinical visit and view the results firsthand are more inclined towards being better engaged with their treatment.
- Timely Treatment Decisions - Getting lab results onsite at a care location supports a practitioner to start or adjust a timely treatment course for a patient with a chronic medical condition.
- Faster Prognosis - With instantly accessible lab results onsite at a care location, physicians can immediately direct a deteriorating medical case towards an emergency room or hospitalization.
- Behavioral Counseling Opportunities - Patients who view their onsite lab results can get behavioral guidance from physicians including modifications to their lifestyle, nutrition, diet, and more for managing their chronic health problems and maintaining good health.