Orthotics and Bracing Services

Orthotics and bracing are utilized to provide support for various foot and ankle ailments. They can be used as inserts in your shoes to reinforce improved pressure distribution when completing daily tasks.

The three main categories for foot orthotics are as follows: those intended for the optimization of foot function, those intended as a protective measure, and those that combine both functional and protective objectives.

Rigid Orthotics
Rigid orthotics help to support wearers by controlling motion in the joints located below the ankle. These orthotics are among the most durable as they are typically sturdy and resistant to breaking.

Semirigid Orthotics
Semirigid orthotics enhance balance while wearers are able to participate in daily activities ranging from walking to sports by supporting target muscles, joints and tendons.

Soft Orthotics
Soft orthotic devices support wearers by absorbing shock, redirecting pressure and providing reinforced balance. They are traditionally customized to the individual wearer’s foot by virtue of their individual walking motion or by using plaster impressions. These orthotics are generally preferred to treat those affected by arthritis, diabetes or alternative deformities varying in severity.

Orthotics and braces can assist as constructive tools for those affected by chronic ailments as well as injuries. They improve the quality of life by providing stability to areas otherwise limited in mobility.